February 24, 2013

View From The Other Side

When this time of year comes around, I start jonesing for blue skies and warm water. Just because its still winter (plenty of cold, snow, and ice in the 616), doesn't mean that your paddling has to be put on hold until spring. With the right cloths/gear, you can get an entirely new perspective of your favorite paddling areas. Once you're able to safely get into/out of the water and paddle without too much ice getting in the way, you should check it out!
While many of us in West Michigan have ventured out onto the ice that forms on the shore of Lake Michigan, few people get the opportunity to view the ice formations from the other side...from the water. My friend Jim from The Outpost of Holland has a couple of very cool videos that show how cool this perspective can be. Check one of his videos below...part one of his SUP Winter Wonderland video can be found at The Outpost of Holland.


  1. Very cool, but looks scary.

  2. As long as you have the proper gear for a quick plunge (and some dry gear to change into), you should be fine on a calm day. That is until the ice shifts and crushes you!